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Shivalik Ventures is in the business of slum redevelopment. After getting the consent of slum dwellers, Shivalik Ventures relocates them to permanent rehab apartments with modern utilities and facilities and then develops rest of the land.

The business of slum redevelopment is envisioned as a public private partnership (PPP) that uses scarce land for building better housing for slum dwellers. The slum rehabilitation programme is driven by the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), which acts as a “single window” for clearance of all approvals related to redevelopment.

Every slum rehabilitation project is long and arduous. It involves winning the trust of people belonging to different races, castes, creeds, and religions. Shivalik Ventures has won the trust of all stakeholders, right from the slum dwellers to the government. The company has delivered and honoured commitments to all stakeholders. Considering the sheer scale of the projects, Shivalik Ventures Private Limited has emerged as a leading slum redeveloper in Mumbai.

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